Martha Posner


Posner’s work is influenced by fairy tales, woods, and dreams. Her sculpture and drawings conflate autobiography, myth, and alchemy. Using beeswax, synthetic hair, pigment, mud, fabric and fibers, Posner’s practice anneals the object and its materials in an effort to pinpoint the moment of transformation.

Notable installations include “I Martha/Me Too” and “An Untamed Place” which was located in a wooded area on the grounds of Lafayette College. Posner made a bed out of soil, grass, and wood. Pillows were created from moss and wild violets and a canopy of blooming honey suckle, sprinkled with crystals that shimmered at dusk.  In her mixed- media installation “Dancers for Boscobel”  Posner created empty vessel sculptures of dresses made from honeysuckle, bamboo, wood, and jute. Her dreamlike “Frozen Charlotte Series” is based upon a Victorian doll given to young girls as a cautionary tale and her  ‘Under” series gives form to the omitted figures of her earlier empty vessel work.

Posner has had solo exhibitions in the United States and abroad. Private and public collections include The George Gund Foundation, Allentown Art Museum, The Birmingham Museum of Art, and Cleveland Museum of Art.

More here.

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