Ivy-Rose Sirimi

b. 1974

Ivy-Rose Sirimi is an Omie artist from Mount Lamington in Papua New Guinnea, who works with barkcloth.  Her work, based on cultural lore, shows images of jagged trees, mountains, and hornbill beaks applied in color to pounded and softened barkcloth.

The Omie is one of  two cultures that still makes barkcloth.  In 2004, the Omie women organized into a cooperative, known as Omie Artists, to bring in much needed income. Today barkcloth is worn mostly at ceremonial occasions.  Surimi was the only woman taught to paint by her mother, and she proudly carries on her mother’s and grandmother’s tradition of barkcloth painting.

Sirimi’s artwork has been shown at the Fowler Museum at U.C.L.A.

More here.

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