Agnes Denes


Hungarian born Agnes Denes is an American conceptual artist, based in New York.  Known for works, that merge her interests in mathematics and science, she includes intricate diagrams in her installations. Her wide range of media includes computer rendered diagrams, sculpture, and international environmental installations in  California, Finland, Australia, and New York.

Her earth works include: “Tree Mountain – A Living -Time Capsule” 1966; an 11,000 conifer forest in Finland;  “A Forest for Australia” 1998, which consists of 6,000 native saplings planted in the form of five spiraling steps; and her most celebrated 1982 “Wheatfield – A Confrontation,” which transformed a barren plot of land near the former Twin Towers into fields of grain.  Her 1968 “Rice/Tree/Burial” in rural New York was the first large scale site-specific piece with ecological concerns.

A recent recipient of a Guggenheim Fellowship, she has participated in more than 450 exhibitions throughout the world.  Her drawings and prints are displayed in numerous museums in Stockholm, Germany, France, Israel, and New York, including MoMA, the Metropolitan Museum, and the Whitney Museum.

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